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What is Home & School?

The Home & School Association seeks to strengthen the relationships between students, parents, teachers, the church family and our community. For families joining BCCA from other school systems, we are the equivalent of the PTA.

Our church school family is diverse! We come from many different corners of Huntsville, surrounding areas and the world! Home & School is here to reach out and connect these corners by ministering to students, parents, church and the community. We are BCCA!

You are loved and important to Jesus, and you are part of us!

Home & School believes that the school is our church’s greatest ministry. Huntsville Central Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 3001 Whitesburg Dr. Huntsville, AL 35802, is the church linked to our school and we invite you to worship with us every Saturday morning at 11:00 am. Adult, children and youth Bible classes start at 9:30 am. If you are new to our school family and have questions about Seventh-day Adventist Christians, we want to hear from you! Please contact our Pastor, Jonathan Davidson, by phone at (951) 201-5372.

If you have a prayer request, you may contact our church prayer team leader, Jon Barfield. Please email your request to him at jondbsept24@aol.com and our church will pray for your need.

Getting Involved: Home & School needs you!

We love to have fun and we hope our volunteers are looking for that when they sign up. No amount of volunteered time is too small. Your time, in any amount, is appreciated! Here is a list of some of the events that Home & School is hosting throughout the rest of the 2023-2024 school year.

  • Open Gym Nights: Workers needed to help run the snack stand or act as “coach” in the gym.  Help with clean up is always appreciated!
  • Movie Nights: Snack stand volunteers, tech setup and takedown, and clean up.
  • Star Bakers: If you love to bake, we need you! Feel like baking a dozen extra cupcakes or cookies? Feeling creative? Let us know and we will deliver them to one of our local businesses. Home & School aims to strengthen community relationships, and one way we do that is to let them know we care! A little baked good goes a long way.
  • School Events: School picnics, banquets, Christmas and graduation receptions are just a few events that could use a few extra hands.

Please contact Dahlia Swatzell at (615) 712-4358 or dahlia.swatzell@gmail.com if you would like to serve.

Events and Fundraising: When I give to Home & School where does it go?

Home & School is self-funded, meaning that the entire budget is comprised of donations and fundraisers that Home & School organizes. The greatest area of concentration where these funds are used is to provide seed money for future fundraising and school events, such as the ones mentioned above. Funds raised may also be concentrated toward other school needs. Your donations, in the form of money, goods and time are always welcome and needed.

Have an Idea for Home & School?
School and church families are putting in their two cents and good things are happening. Open gym and movie nights are a result of families making those requests. What’s your idea? Call or text Dahlia Swatzell at (615) 712-4358 or email her at dahlia.swatzell@gmail.com.

Dahlia Swatzell is the Home & School Leader.
Dahlia Swatzell is the Home & School Leader.


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