Welcome to the Big Cove Christian Academy!

Big Cove Christian Academy is a Pre-K through 8 school that also offers the secondary grades as an extension campus of TRUeConnect. We are located in Big Cove, near Huntsville, Alabama (See Map). BCCA is a Seventh-day Adventist school that welcomes students of all faiths.

Our teachers are committed to providing a quality education in a Christ-filled environment. Our high academic standards prepare students for useful service in a competitive world.

The mission of Big Cove Christian Academy is to blend the work of redemption and education through Christ-centered teaching.

The objectives of Big Cove Christian Academy include:

  • Lead students to develop a relationship with God;
  • Assist in the formation of a noble Christian character by placing emphasis on the spiritual values of life;
  • Give each student the opportunity to develop his/her unique gifts and abilities;
  • Stimulate high scholarship;
  • Prepare students for higher education;
  • Develop habits of accuracy, responsibility, and resourcefulness in thinking and doing;
  • Promote the understanding and practice of principles of healthful living.

We invite you to find out more about our school. Explore our website, then Contact Us for more information or to schedule a visit.