Big Cove Christian Academy


Two different payment plans are offered as options:

  • 10 Month Plan — The 10 month plan divides the year's tuition into ten equal payments. The first payment is due on registration day. Remaining payments are due and payable by the first of each month for the following nine months.
  • Prepayment Plan — Payment in full at or before registration day will entitle the parent to a five percent discount from the total yearly base tuition.
Monthly tuition rates are shown in the table below, including discounts for additional children from a single family. Note that secondary students are not eligible for a tuition discount, but they may be included in the family total when calculating the tuition discount for elementary students.
  Tuition Rate
    1st Child $512
    2nd Child $461
    3rd Child $410
    4th Child $358
Secondary* $450

* Secondary grades are offered through an integrated remote classroom experience called TRUeConnect, provided by Atlanta Adventist Academy. TRUeConnect charges and discounts may vary, affecting the monthly tuition paid through BCCA.

Tuition Supplements

  • Members of Huntsville Central SDA Church receive a 27% discount due to funds the members of the church give to the school to supplement the tuition.
  • Members of the Gulf States Conference of Seventh-day Adventists receive a 10% discount. The conference has chosen to subsidize the school for this amount.
  • Partnering for Eternity (PFE) provides a scholarship of up to $120 a month for each participating student, who will partner with an eligible community member and visit with them once a week for one hour. More details can be found at To apply, please contact Jennifer Olmsted at
  • You may be eligible to receive Alabama Opportunity Scholarship funds. Details can be found at

If you have any questions, please call (256) 518-9642 or email Cassie Fristoe at