January 10, 2022 Board Minutes

Board Members Present:
Morris Olmstead (Chair), Cas Fristoe (Principal), Scott Bowes (Superintendent), Randy Mills (Pastor), Don Evans (Comptroller), Tearl King (Maintenance Coordinator), Dahlia Swatzell (Home & School Leader), Jennifer Olmsted (Treasurer), Lisa Schmitt (Christian Education Secretary), Mandy Gennick (Member at Large), Maggie Navarro (Member at Large), Chuck Kittelson (Member at Large), Adam Gohn (Member at Large)

Guest Attendees:  Wendy Boyd, Melissa Boyd

Actions and Motions:
MSC – To Accept December Meeting Minutes
MSC – To ask Don Evans to be Vice Chair and Tearl King to be Secretary
MSC –To approve to have both pianos tuned out of maintenance and repairs
MSC—To approve school calendar, which is the same as suggested GSC except for the following:

  • Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022 start date.
  • Registration day and Fall Picnic day are makeup days
  • December 15th and 16th are half days

MSC –To approve Home and School night twice per month
MSC—To approve December Treasurer report
MSC—Superintendent led discussion pertaining to school staffing for next year

Closing Prayer 

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