February 14, 2022 Board Minutes

Board Members Present:

Morris Olmstead (Chair), Cas Fristoe (Principal), Randy Mills (Pastor), Don Evans (Comptroller), Tearl King (Maintenance Coordinator), Dahlia Swatzell (Home & School Leader), Jennifer Olmsted (Treasurer), Lisa Schmitt (Christian Education Secretary), Mandy Gennick (Member at Large), Maggie Navarro (Member at Large), Adam Gohn (Member at Large)

Guest Attendees: Melissa Boyd

Actions and Motions:

MSC – Accept Treasurer report
MSC – Accept January meeting minutes
MSC –Board discussed old debt and outstanding balances of former students and results from attempted debt collection
MSC—Approved the purchase of two new websites for BCCA (.org & .com) to increase internet search hits
MSC –Approved sale of school van
MSC—Approved 2022/2023 school budget
MSC—Board discussion regarding the acceptance of two new students this month

Closing Prayer

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